Senin, 25 Januari 2010

This is dedicated to all a7x fans

Now we've been LOST one person that the most important in our life...... I don't know what is a7x think about the rev . but in my hearts the rev is not just an idol for me the rev is my life when the rev dead my heart will be sad ... maybe your heart now feel GREAT SADNESS . his life didn't past 30 years old . but it was destiny he passed by at 28 years old the rev is a greatest drummer ever no one can play or create a song with a harmonic drum beat like the rev. he was crazy man ,wild man, funny man , i don't know. the good and greatest drummer was dead with a fail autopsy . what do they mind about the rev????? does the rev was a trash ??? a parasite???? i know i was selfish if i want jimmy stay here with me , i just been a fan of a7x only 9 month but a7x is important and a part of my life . for me, the rev dead will make me get a heart attack .... The rev ,you 've got an ETERNAL REST, maybe got A LITTLE PIECE OF HEAVEN in your AFTERLIFE you're forever in our hearts .no one can replace your position in our hearts

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